To our shareholders and investors

Chairman and CEO
Kamakura Shinsho, Ltd.
Hirotaka Shimizu

Kamakura Shinsho started out as a publishing company in 1984. However, realizing that publishing is but one method of disseminating information, we have been running our business by defining the value we provide to society as “information of value.”
In other words, we have come to define our business as not merely publishing, but as information processing. As a result, thanks as well to innovations in information technology, online services have become the core of our business portfolio. As we go forth and grow our business, we will remain loyal to our provision of information of value to our customers by the method they want, and we will grow our sales, workforce, and profits for the benefit of society.

As Japan’s population continues to grow older, the country is becoming an “ultra-gray society” as well as a high mortality society as the death rate continues to climb. Given this kind of societal structure, our entire company will continue to unite in unceasing efforts to improve the services we provide as well as develop new services to help find solutions for people far and wide.

I humbly request the endorsement and support of our esteemed shareholders.

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